We focus on you and only you!

I don't care about what other coaches are doing. This is about you! I mean figuring out your exact gift and how you can use it to enchant your clients. Because once you figure this out, you get confidence!! Confidence means booking out your calendar without stress and waiting around for your next client. Because they will already be waiting for you!! You've heard all the strategies out there that exist and they haven't worked for you. It's because you haven't tapped into your own strength and used your own gift.

Get rid of your blocks

I know where you are right now. You're in your head. All the voices telling you that you can't succeed, that you can't charge high premium prices, or that this coaching thing is just a dream. The positive affirmations haven't been working for you. Your hand hurts from journaling. And no matter how many meditations you've done, nothing has changed! Well that stops in this course! Because we dive deep into your goals and visions and pull back the curtain to figure out exactly what's blocking you and how to get rid of it (guess what? A lot of it is stuff that you've put in your head already!)

Honor Yourself

No matter what everyone else says, you can have all the bells and whistles in the world, and still not sign a damn client. Your abilities to sell are already rooted in you. We honor your story, your true story! Not the one you put out to everyone else, because you're ashamed of where you are in your success. We honor your struggles because that's how your potential clients relate to you. That's how you book out your calendar and make $3k sales without funnels or ads!!