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I’m calling to you…

Not the you that you’ve been online

But the you that’s been clawing to come out and play

The you that’s frustrated as fuck that she’s constantly doubting herself everytime she wants to take an action

The you that’s ready to say “Fuck all of this shit! I’m done! I’m done with constantly doubting myself! I’m done with constantly limiting myself! I’m done with the bullshit rules, strategies, and lists of crap that other people say needs to be done! I’m ready to do this shit and do it MY MOTHERFUCKING WAY!!”

That’s the you that I’m calling to because that’s the you that’s so ready to come out and motherfucking play

She’s ready. She’s fired up. She knows exactly what needs to be done and she’s ready to do it!

She’s ready to come out. Kill the motherfucking game. And do this shit HER fucking way!

No rules

No limits

No nothing!

Just her kicking shit up online, being loud, proud, rambunctious, fierce AF and having soooo much fun turning heads and making people break their necks to see just how amazing she is!

“If you’re looking for someone to light a fire under your ass and wake you the fuck up to your own power, Sade is your girl! She’s a powerhouse coach and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to marketing. Her no-bullshit approach to life and business has totally rubbed off on me and lead to some serious transformation.

I purchased a seat in her Two weeks to $14k challenge with Sade and it was one of the most powerful coaching packages I’ve ever received! While I didn’t quite hit that $14k mark during the two weeks, I did level-up my marketing permanently and begin seeing my programs receive over twice as much attention as before. I went from $0 in months to several paid-in-full coaching sales during that two week period- and it was FUN! I did it with confidence, certainty, and love!”

Here’s what you really think deep down every time you invest in one of THOSE courses or watch one of THOSE livestreams where the coach is just spouting this random bullshit about how to make a sale, how to attract clients, how to bring in consistent cash each month….blah blah blah

You think…

“God this is fucking boring! I’ve heard all of this shit before and I’m tired of watching these fucking reruns! I don’t care about what she’s really saying. I JUST WANT TO SHOW UP ONLINE, HAVE TOTAL FUN, AND HAVE PEOPLE PAY ME JUST FOR BEING ME!”

That’s what you’re feeling deep in your core!!

You want to really be free to choose, be free to do, be free to exist, and be free to motherfucking love EVERYTHING that you’re doing online because it’s what you actually want to do and what feels totally fucking good!!!


That’s who this Limitless Mastermind is for!

That fierce bitch inside of you that’s ready to come out and play

>> You know you’re destined for so much more than the bullshit $__K months, the “consistent clients” or whatever the fuck people are talking about online

>> You know deep down that you feel totally bored with what you’re doing even though it’s been working for you and you’ve been signing clients

>> You know your message goes way deeper than what you’ve been sharing online (you can feel that nagging feeling in your gut every time you write a post, do a livestream, or work with your clients!), but you’re just NOT letting it out for whatever reason

>> You know that you are on this planet for a FAR GREATER reason than to just make some money (even though that’s nice)

>> And frankly you’re just tired of playing small, blending in, and not doing anything that’s different or that makes you feel so fired up and ready to take over the world



YES, QUEEN! I can feel that because I’ve been there!

Every day I went online and wrote empty basic posts sharing the “How To’s” of business even though deep down I felt this sinking feeling in my gut, I wanted to throw up, and my heart was saying “You don’t want to write about this, Sade!”

But the other part of me (that fear) would say “But who’s going to pay a business coach that DOESN’T write about this?”

Sound familiar?

So even though I SWORE I was living my truth and even though I was spouting at my community to do the same thing, I knew that I was living a lie and constantly pushing down this part of me that wanted to come out and be free

That part of me that knew my core work went deeper than HOW to run a business, write posts, make sales, etc

That part of me that knew that the best thing I did for all of my clients was shift their ENERGY around sales and around their entire fucking lives. So not only did they have the basic knowledge of how to run a business, they had that fiery energy and certainty that success was theirs and they could claim it at any motherfucking time!


Just like you do!!!

So I let the “basic bitch” business coaching go and I opened myself up to this new area deep within my soul!

I jumped off the deep end and started to talking about energy work as a coach, manifesting things out of the blue, quantum leaping, and so much more!

And right then! Right at THAT moment! That’s when things became so clear!

I can motherfucking explode EVERYTHING in my life once I embrace my core truth!

That I’m on this planet to help other women explode and step into their role of being a badass fierce leader!


And more than that…I was meant to do it my way!!

I was sick of writing the same boring ass posts as everyone else

I had my own opinions around how the online community seemed to all show up the exact same fucking way and it literally pissed me off and bored me to tears

Blah blah blah, I’ve heard it all before!!

And I wanted to scream at the rooftops, stop doing the same shit everyone else was doing, and speak my truth!

So I did!!!

Those posts got the most engagement

Those posts grew my Facebook group

Those posts got me the most messages in my inbox

And those posts are the ones that got me to sign clients in full without sales calls!


That’s when your people see you for who you are

That’s when your people want to be around YOU

That’s when your people really want to pay you without objections

But most importantly…that’s when you feel DAMN GOOD and actually don’t give a shit about ANY of the results you’re automatically receiving because you’re enjoying the absolute pleasure of finally just saying what’s on your heart, what fires you the fuck up, and being that person that’s laying in wait deep within your core

You’re being real

You’re being you

You’re changing the motherfucking game

You’re breaking the rules and you’re doing it YOUR WAY!

The Logistics (4).png

You see…this is not your average sales page because this is not your average mastermind

This mastermind is incredibly exclusive and reserved only for the woman that’s ready to release that fire and put her middle fingers up to everyone else

You’re ready to say “Fuck this shit! I want what I want! I am who I am! I’m doing what I want to do and I don’t give a shit what people think or how they feel! They’re just gonna have to deal with it!”


This mastermind is only for the woman that feels deep in her heart that it’s really more important for her to do her soul work and live in her truth more than anything else. Because it’s in THAT place that she’ll truly flourish and receive the most amazing rewards known to (wo)mankind. Yet she just won’t give a shit because she’s happy and feeling damn good!!

This mastermind is for the coach who KNOWS that even though things have been working for her and she’s been getting results, she’s sooooo much better than what she’s doing and she’s been playing really fucking small compared to the massive expansion that’s bubbling up from her core!

This mastermind is for the woman who’s ready to step into her motherfucking greatness once and for all and finally show the world how it’s really done! Making money, selling shit, being loud, being proud, and being paid just for motherfucking existing because she’s THAT motherfucking badass!!!!


This mastermind is NOT for the woman who is just starting her business and/or wants to know how to structure her programs, how to set her prices, how to sign clients, and all of the other basics in business. If that’s who you are, you will NOT get what you’re truly looking for in this mastermind.

It’s ONLY reserved for the woman that knows how to do that shit already is wayyyyyyyyyy beyond that point. It’s so basic compared to where she’s headed next in her life.


“I have only good things to say about this course! Embody Her was a mindset, energy, confidence and intuition focused course, but not the average! Sade shared amazing content and experience with us. I’m really glad I decided to join! I had a lot of breakthroughs! Since then I have been calling & signing up ONLY amazing clients that I love work with. I set important boundaries in my business, learn to feel confident and fully aligned with what I want and believe. And now I use my intuition to help my clients in a way I never thought would be possible. Sade is an amazing coach! If anyone is on the fence to work with Sade, please... Don’t think twice!”

The Logistics (8).png

>> Shifting the bullshit rules and limiting beliefs that have been telling you hide that truth, that personality, that work, and those words that are deep within your core waiting to come out

>> Unleashing that true work, posts, content, branding, messaging, and online presence that you’ve known was there all along!!!! That kinda shit that just attracts all the things to you naturally!!!

>> Getting into your unique energetic sales flow and rocking the fucking game just by opening your mouth and letting the words spill out! We have shit to say and we don’t care who doesn’t like it!!

>> Upping your content and marketing game all just by being in your real fucking energy, carefree and effortless in everything you do because you’re doing you, boo!!!!

>> Getting into the energy of your next level and setting the standards of who you’re meant to be, what you’re meant to receive and what you expect. Your next level is now your MINIMUM!

And so much more!!!!!

5 Months with me and other badass women that are just like us…quantum leapers, ready for expansion, ready to break the status quo and show people how it’s really done!

You in??

The Logistics (7).png

This 5-Month Mastermind includes…

>> A live training every month

>> 1 monthly 1:1 call with me

>> 1 monthly group coaching call / Hot Seat coaching session

>> Monthly Q&As

>> Voxer support

And so much more!!!

It’s gonna be killer, babe!


I’m keeping this very exclusive and I’m being very strict about who I let into this space because I ONLY want the woman who’s ready to expand and ready to expand now!!!!!

Therefore, if I truly feel like you won’t fit into this space (either you are not far enough into your business yet, not where I need you to be, and/or just looking for very specific results and not the bigger picture of what’s ACTUALLY being offered…then I will not let you into the Mastermind — even though I love you dearly).

But this work is important and the only way that the women will actually shift is if they’re at that point where they’re so ready that they’re gonna just jump off the deep end themselves.

So if any of this sounds like your kinda party, then click here to apply or find out more about how we can make this work for you!!!

We start July 29th


$5000 in full or $1200 x 5 months

Message me to apply!!