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Can I tell you something?

I’ve hit consistent 5-figure months without having a clue what I was doing!

I had a major fuck this shit moment and decided that enough was enough!

I was tired of being told how to run my business! Tired of feeling like I had to follow rules when it comes to writing my content, marketing myself online, and creating the offers that would make me money!

I was sick of feeling like I was limited in my own fucking business and had to play by other people’s rules and do it their way because they were more successful than me

And even though I told myself I was running my business the way I wanted, the truth was I was a carbon copy of other people and I didn’t realize

I was saying what they were saying. Sharing their same beliefs instead of owning my own! Trying to create “strategies” for success when really I knew deep down that none of that shit really fucking mattered!

I decided I was gonna do it my way and make the money that I wanted to make. Fuck everyone else!

And I hit my first 5-figure cash month with selfies, livestreams, and posts that I truly wanted to write and that said whatever the fuck I wanted to say

No care for whether it had all of the components for a post that would sell

No care for whether it was sharing value for a “know, like, and trust factor”

I didn’t care about “teaching” in my posts or anything of the sort

I was sharing my energy. Sharing the thoughts in my beautiful fucking brain and showing up as me first.

As a result, people bought whatever I sold. From 1:1 packages to 2-week Voxer programs ranging from $2500 to $10K

The price tag did not matter!

Why? Because I was being me first and everything else followed

The intuitive strategies

The branding

The money-making offers

The growing community and so much more!

And it filters into my life, with a full bank account, a beautiful apartment, sexy fun relationship and so much more!

If you’re looking for someone to light a fire under your ass and wake you the fuck up to your own power, Sade is your girl! She’s a powerhouse coach and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to marketing. Her no-bullshit approach to life and business has totally rubbed off on me and lead to some serious transformation.

I purchased a seat in her Two weeks to $14k challenge with Sade and it was one of the most powerful coaching packages I’ve ever received! While I didn’t quite hit that $14k mark during the two weeks, I did level-up my marketing permanently and begin seeing my programs receive over twice as much attention as before. I went from $0 in months to several paid-in-full coaching sales during that two week period- and it was FUN! I did it with confidence, certainty, and love!
— Jessica Pena
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It’s the fire, energy, and certainty that sells your offers way before the content, marketing and strategies do.

When you truly understand and step into that real you….

That version of yourself that already has it all…

Then the practical shit is automatically laid out for you! But most importantly, you instantly become the magnetic, money-making maven because your true, raw, naked energy is fully exposed to the world and it’s sexy and attractive as fuck.

You attract the “fuck yes” buyers who pay you in full and easily repel the people that you don’t have time for. The “naysayers” and “dreamers” who wish they had the money but can’t seem to find a way to pay you. GONE!

When you’re in that true energy… fully naked, exposed, and pleasurable in all of your glory, your attraction filters the bullshit and only attracts the clients, people, and things that want to bow down and serve you! Making life so deliciously sweet!


Can’t you feel it?

I know you do and it tastes so good doesn’t it?

Well what if I told you this isn’t a dream?

You have access to this shit right now!

The dream life, the easy and fun business with consistent client flow and a plethora of sexy ideas that continue to make you money on the fly!!!!

It’s fully within you and waiting to claw its way out!

But you’re blocking it with the bullshit comparison syndrome, detailed strategies, constantly waiting around and telling yourself you’re not good enough to take an action…

Worrying about branding stories or constantly switching and re-thinking who you want to be and what you want to do or sell

It’s time to release and receive, baby! Shed the bullshit and be free!!

Open yourself. Expose yourself! Lay back and get ready to take in all of the worship you’re about to receive. Because trust me…people are going to LOVE what they see!

And business is finally going to be so easy! You won’t believe it!

Lay back in the sun and embrace the fun!!


You ready?

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Six magical weeks with me pulling off the layers and reshaping you back into the glorious YOU that you’re meant to be, baby!

Fully fucking branded. Completely in your true power. Doing the true soul work and sharing that deep soul message that only YOU were meant to sell and the true way that you were meant to make money and impact the world like you want to!

It’s so easy when you allow yourself the freedom to be and you step into the role of truly BEING and owning the fuck out of it all!!!


This goes waaayyyyyyyy beyond journaling and manifesting! (That's just the tip of the iceberg)

This is a complete soul journey into the most beautiful and attractive place you can ever be in >> complete soul flow and trust in you and being majorly attractive and successful because you're being completely unfiltered and sharing your message as it stands on your heart!

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How to get fully aligned to your next level goal or vision (consistent 5-figure months) and create the momentum to finally move toward having what you want


Skipping straight to the outcome! How to fully embody the next level you. Fully expecting the clients and income and making it your new minimum!


Debunk the limiting beliefs and completely reforming your mindset to fully align to what you want (5 figure months are totally normal for you!!)


Shedding the bullshit in your business (clients, offers, strategies, actions) that’s preventing you from receiving what you want. Releasing the “shoulds” and taking inspired action only!


Realizing your truest unfiltered message and soul work that NEED to be shared (the KEY to soulmate client attraction, natural magnetic branding and sold out offers)

Recognizing the true soul work and offers for easy client and money flow!

This work is so expansive that I do it every day!

And it's literally the ONLY thing you need to make 5-figure months your new MINIMUM and then some!

It's the same work I did to go from three figures in a month to 5-figures in two weeks!

And it's the same work I'm doing to take myself to 6-figures this year!

It's so fucking easy and fun! Borderline addictive! 

I have only good things to say about this course! Embody Her was a mindset, energy, confidence and intuition focused course, but not the average! Sade shared amazing content and experience with us. I’m really glad I decided to join! I had a lot of breakthroughs! Since then I have been calling & signing up ONLY amazing clients that I love work with. I set important boundaries in my business, learn to feel confident and fully aligned with what I want and believe. And now I use my intuition to help my clients in a way I never thought would be possible. Sade is an amazing coach! If anyone is on the fence to work with Sade, please... Don’t think twice!
— Ana Lira - Business Coach

What you get:

>> 6 livestream modules and trainings to propel your forward in yourself, your energy, your soul work, content, branding, offers, inspired action, and so much more!

>> Epic fucking journal prompts and so much more that I’ve personally used to propel myself and my business forward!

>> BONUS trainings on some practical shit for your pleasure (whatever I see fit to share that will absolutely serve you!)

>> Q+As and a powerful community where I’ll be present and active DAILY just for you!

Are you in?? There’s only one way to make your business truly work for you. And it’s not with sitting around trying to be someone you’re not, being confused about to actually make this shit work and whether you can actually do it!

It’s as simple as taking a leap of faith!

Why wouldn’t you want to invest in a course that’ll show you exactly how to do that… how to finally truly believe in yourself and become the YOU that gets to have it all.

Make that your new MINIMUM and grow from there!!!!

Minimum 5-figure cash months. Consistent clients. Pay in fulls. Ease, flow and fun???


Taking Sade’s course was so eye opening and transformational for me. I had really struggled with creating a mindset that would get me to finally take the leap and launch my coaching my business. But when you work with Sade, fear is not a word that’s allowed to be a part of your vocabulary.

At first, I fought it because growth is scary as hell but when you have someone like Sade who’s tough but also knows what you need, you can’t fail. Now, I go live in my business almost daily and don’t care who sees it because I am confidently showing up for myself and my community, get messages from women EVERY SINGLE DAY asking about working with me, stopped doing work that I don’t enjoy doing without looking back, and I know exactly what I need to do to crush my goals, make an impact, and grow my bank account.

If you have any doubts about working her trust me when I say form experience, you’re going to kick yourself in the ass when you eventually start working with her that you didn’t start sooner! Reach out to her, work with her, and change your damn life!
— Latrisha Jacobs - Sales and Empowerment Coach