Hear what Tiffany has to say about our time together!

Meet Jessica Peña!

If you’re looking for someone to light a fire under your ass and wake you the fuck up to your own power, Sade is your girl! She’s a powerhouse coach and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to marketing. Her no-bullshit approach to life and business has totally rubbed off on me and lead to some serious transformation.

I purchased a seat in her Two weeks to $14k challenge with Sade and it was one of the most powerful coaching packages I’ve ever received! While I didn’t quite hit that $14k mark during the two weeks, I did level-up my marketing permanently and begin seeing my programs receive over twice as much attention as before. I went from $0 in months to several paid-in-full coaching sales during that two week period- and it was FUN! I did it with confidence, certainty, and love!
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What she taught during those two weeks didn’t just impact my marketing though, she really brought out my voice and what makes me ME! She has this really natural talent for bringing out the spark in her tribe- which is apparent even in her free group! My marketing improved, my sales improved, how I felt about marketing and sales went from wanting to puke to literally having a little dance-around-the-living-room moment before and during every post-writing/marketing-planning session. I LOVE sharing on Facebook now and when I do share, people really connect and see ME. It’s such an incredible feeling compared to the uncertainty and vagueness I felt around my own posts before joining Sade’s program.

She’s one of the most genuine, authentic, empowering, absolute queens I know in the coaching world! Sade is someone I don’t feel afraid to say anything to because I know as long as I’m being real and authentic and holding myself to the energetic standards I want to live by, Sade is going to return that same level of authenticity and energy. I think too often people want coaches who will pat them on the back and agree with everything they say and gently nudge them- that’s not Sade! Sade has opinions and a voice- and when you work with her you can’t help but develop your OWN voice. That’s where the power is, it’s not in just having someone constantly agree with you. It’s in having someone who can push you and teach you and empower you to unleash your truth in a way that nobody can beat- and that your ideal clients can’t possibly miss.
— Jessica Peña

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Meet Ana Lira

I have only good things to say about this course! Embody Her was a mindset, energy, confidence and intuition focused course, but not the average! Sade shared amazing content and experience with us. I’m really glad I decided to join! I had a lot of breakthroughs! Since then I have been calling & signing up ONLY amazing clients that I love work with. I set important boundaries in my business, learn to feel confident and fully aligned with what I want and believe. And now I use my intuition to help my clients in a way I never thought would be possible. Sade is an amazing coach! If anyone is on the fence to work with Sade, please... Don’t think twice!
— Ana Lira - Business Coach

Meet Latrisha Jacobs

Taking Sade’s course was so eye opening and transformational for me. I had really struggled with creating a mindset that would get me to finally take the leap and launch my coaching my business. But when you work with Sade, fear is not a word that’s allowed to be a part of your vocabulary.

At first, I fought it because growth is scary as hell but when you have someone like Sade who’s tough but also knows what you need, you can’t fail. Now, I go live in my business almost daily and don’t care who sees it because I am confidently showing up for myself and my community, get messages from women EVERY SINGLE DAY asking about working with me, stopped doing work that I don’t enjoy doing without looking back, and I know exactly what I need to do to crush my goals, make an impact, and grow my bank account.

If you have any doubts about working her trust me when I say form experience, you’re going to kick yourself in the ass when you eventually start working with her that you didn’t start sooner! Reach out to her, work with her, and change your damn life!
— Latrisha Jacobs - Sales and Empowerment Coach
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>> Having her first $10K cash month

>> Having a $27K sales month with perfect soulmate clients

>> Becoming fully booked within two weeks

>> Attracting 4 perfect leads in ONE DAY with her posts alone!

>> More engagement on her posts from the ideal soulmate clients

>> Full fucking confidence in her work and ability to deliver it to her clients the way that SHE wants to!

>> And so much more!