The Top 5 Incredibly Affordable Blog Resources You Need to Grow Your Blog!


This post is part of the Blogging On a Budget series created to help you build a profitable successful blog without breaking the bank. This post may contain affiliate links. You can get more info here. Ever since I started blogging, I've always found it helpful when fellow bloggers recommend new blogging resources for me to try. Not only does it help me narrow down different courses to help me learn about blogging, but it also makes me aware of different bloggers and resources that I may not have been familiar with before. That's actually very useful for you as a blogger, especially a new blogger. The more bloggers you know about, the better for you. You may find that one blogger or resource that speaks to you and your content perfectly.

But no matter how many recommendations I receive, one thing that always stops me from taking advantage of a new blogging resource is money. I just don't like spending my money. And I certainly hate spending money on a product only for it not to do anything for me. A product that doesn't deliver is a waste.

From the moment I started blogging, I've been on the hunt to find valuable resources that not only help other bloggers achieve amazing success, but does it without breaking the bank.

So to help my fellow bloggers, I wanted to share my own list of five absolutely amazing blogging resources that deliver on every single promise and more. You get tips directly from the top bloggers and experts themselves that actually work. And guess what? Each of these items is ridiculously affordable. They're practically a steal!!!

I've experienced amazing success with each and every blogging resource I'm about to show you. So much so, that I couldn't wait to write this post and share it with you!!!!

Enjoy and prepare to be blown away by these prices!!

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Why You Need a Blogging Resource

Okay, so we can't deny that the internet is amazing. There's tons of information out there that you can find. Your only cost is your time.

So you may wonder, why should I have to buy a blogging resource if I can learn everything I need to know on the internet?

Simple. Because you don't have the time to piece it all together. You just don't. There's too much information out there and not enough to get through it all, understand it all, and then put it into practice.

So why not cut your time short by getting this valuable information directly from the experts? They can tell you exactly what you need to know and put it all in one place to make it easy to find. Plus, like the bloggers I'm going to mention below, they'll even recommend additional resources that have helped them get to where they are now! You simply can't pass that up.

So without further adieu, prepare to get your mind blown.

Great resources to use!! Thanks!!! Learning how to create a blog can be overwhelming. There are tons of blogging resources, blog e-books, and blogging course created to help you start a blog! Get blogging tips directly from the top bloggers without wasting your money. These 5 resources are SUPER CHEAP, but have helped me see AMAZING SUCCESS with my blog.


blogging course, blogging resource, blogging e-book, new bloggers, resources for bloggers, blogging e-course, digital course1. The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic by Ana from

Ever buy a how-to guide, but found it too difficult and technical to understand? Well, this book is incredibly comprehensive and teaches you absolutely everything you need to know while making it ridiculously easy to understand. If you're brand new to blogging and want to know everything you possibly can without having to refer to a dictionary, this is the book you need.

My eyes were opened after reading this book. I'm talking instant clarity!

This book is jam-packed with over 100 pages of valuable, useful, detailed, and quality content. You can feel Ana’s personality and genuineness with every single page. This e-book is beautifully written, extremely comprehensive but, most importantly, it’s practical and includes tips that are meant to keep growing your traffic for years to come! Ana doesn't promise you a "get traffic quick scheme". Instead, her book teaches you exactly how to get traffic and how to understand your traffic analytics to grow your traffic exponentially.

Not only do you receive practical tips, Ana also gives you:

  • a list of over 100 places to promote your blog post,
  • a step-by-step Pinterest strategy,
  • easy to understand SEO tips,
  • a list of over 100 Facebook groups to promote your blog
  • access to her resource library
  • Plus TWO MONTHS of Tailwind FREE

Steal my list of over 70 Tailwind tribes to join to start boosting your blog traffic right now!

Your investment? $25. $25 freaking dollars y'all!! Ana has given you the world for only $25!

Within a few days of implementing Ana’s book, I started getting more engaged readers to my blog, rebranded my blog using the amazing resources Ana recommends and saw a huge spike in my blog traffic! I even started making some awesome new blogger friends and have some great collabs in the works.

If your goal is to learn it all without your brain hurting afterward, this is the book you need.

I'm so happy I found this book and refer back to it all the time.

Swipe a FREE chapter of the book here!


blogging course, blogging resource, blogging e-book, new bloggers, resources for bloggers, blogging e-course, digital course

2. How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup from

If you're serious about blogging, you will have heard of Ruth Soukup. If not, where have you been!!! She's the creator of the Elite Blogging Academy (EBA), which is basically the Hogwarts of the blogging world. Ruth is a veteran blogger who’s not at all scared to share all of her blogging secrets with others.

Her e-book is hands down one of the most comprehensive blogging books I’ve purchased. It's 105 pages packed with everything you need to know about everything. And she does it text-book style! I'm talking two columns full of paragraphs per page! Basically, 105 times two!! If you want to start a blog the right way and actually know what you're doing, then this book is your bible.

How to Blog for Profit is the first blogging e-book that I purchased and I don't regret it at all. This book was exactly what I was looking for when I first started my blog. I researched it and read all of the positive views. Not one bad word about this blogging resource. This book delivered everything that was promised and more. Plus, it's only $12.50!!! You really can't beat that price, especially for all of the information that you get.

Within one day of reading this book, I was able to figure out my mission for this blog and more. This book helped me to transform my blog in more ways than I can imagine. Even with all of the knowledge I've gained from other sources, I still return to this book to gain more of Ruth's wisdom.

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If $12.50 is too expensive for you, Ruth offers a FREE Blog Structure Blueprint to help you organize your blog to increase reader engagement and readability of your blog.  

blogging course, blogging resource, blogging e-book, new bloggers, resources for bloggers, blogging e-course, digital course3. Pinteresting Strategies by Carly of

Listen, I can’t say enough about this book. Carly is honest and delves directly into the topic everyone struggles with...Pinterest’s algorithm. By creating a unique manual pinning strategy, Carly was able to figure out the difficult algorithm and how to make it work for her.

I purchased this book at the beginning of October and executed the strategies instantly. Two days later I had my first viral pin and got over 65k shares on this post with three weeks!!!! This post is still one of my most popular posts on the blog!

The testimonials for this book are insanely positive, but what sold me was Carly's "Anti-sales Pitch". She fully understands that not all strategies are one size fits all. In fact, she initially did not want to sell the book. But because she believes so much in the product, the methods in the book, and the results she's received, she's offering the book to her viewers, as well. No sales pitch or line after line asking you to buy the book! Just a simple explanation and proof of how the strategies have worked for her.

How much is this gem? Only $32!

Update: I have a second post that has gone viral! To test the strategies in this book, I stopped manually pinning after the virality of my post started to level out. I went back to my proven Tailwind strategy that had already bought a huge surge of traffic to my blog. I noticed that my views did decrease compared to what I experienced while manually pinning. I decided to return to Carly's book and re-implement those strategies. I noticed an instant increase in blog traffic, Pinterest followers, and click-throughs to my site. Plus, another viral pin within three days of returning to this strategy!

Many other bloggers have shared the same experience as me. Like this blogger and this one too!

The results of this book are very clear. Want Pinterest to finally start working for you? Then you need this book!


blogging course, blogging resource, blogging e-book, new bloggers, resources for bloggers, blogging e-course, digital course4. Ready. Set. Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain of

Elna is another A-list blogger with an extremely bubbly and addictive personality! She’s author of and With the techniques she shares in her course, she was able to start earning over $5k in passive monthly income in just one year on her Twins Mommy blog!

Her blogging e-course is jammed packed with printables and videos from Elna personally that detail many unique ways to build your blog, and optimize it for traffic. Plus, Elna provides:

  1. great resources for Pinterest marketing strategies
  2. a list of over 200 high-quality Pinterest boards (by niche) to join to promote your blog and drive massive traffic to your blog
  3. a detailed video tutorial on how to create viral pins plus 5 Pinterest pin types that get the most clicks
  4. instructions on how to network with other bloggers to explode traffic
  5. Plus Elna’s own email templates that helped her score group posts and collaborations with top bloggers!!

This information is gold!! But you only have to pay $45 for it! Can you really pass that up?!

Elna personally walks you through the steps that you need to take to start getting massive traffic to your blog. Her instructions are super simple and clear.

I was able to get through Elna's course in just two days. Her personality is so addictive that I couldn't help, but go through the entire course without stopping! I took plenty of notes. Using her Pinterest strategy tips and video tutorials, I have been able to create several pins that resulted in higher click-through rates to my blog. I'm currently working on guest post submissions for other sites using her email templates as a guide.

If you're looking for a fun blogging resource that will take you step-by-step through the blogging process, you should definitely check out Elna's course here!

blogging course, blogging resource, blogging e-book, new bloggers, resources for bloggers, blogging e-course, digital course5. Blog Traffic Bootcamp from Lena Gott from

If you want someone that gets right to the point, is refreshingly honest and gives you exactly what you need to improve your blog, this is the book for you.

Lena is a former CPA using her skills to master the blogging game and turn her blog into an empire.

The Blog Traffic Bootcamp is exactly what it sounds like. No time wasting here! Lena gets right to the point and tells you exactly what you can do on your blog right now to optimize it for a growth in traffic!

Are you able to get viewers to your blog, but having trouble keeping them there? Are you noticing an increase in your Bounce Rate in your blog's traffic analytics?

Lena's got the solution. Lena’s book will help you get readers to come to your blog and stay on it by making your blog "stickier". Readers stay on your blog longer, meaning more views and an increase in subscribers. These solutions are so simple and can't be found anywhere else but in Lena's course. And you only have to pay $37 for it!!

Lena's course was super quick but packs a powerful punch! I immediately used her methods to improve my blog and noticed an instant decrease in bounce rates, increase in session times, and increase in views to more blog posts on my site.

Lena offers an incredibly effective Blog Traffic Bonus Guide that's absolutely FREE! Even if you're not ready to purchase the Blog Traffic Bootcamp, this Bonus Guide is still right for you! You can check out all of her amazing products at Adventures in Blogging.

If you're not ready to pay for Lena's Bootcamp, click here to download the awesome FREE GUIDE filled with quick tips that you can use right now to EXPLODE YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC!

How to Know if a Blogging Course Is Right For You!

Sifting through the thousands of different courses and blogging books out in the blogosphere can be overwhelming and tiring. It can be a massive headache that you may decide to just get this information yourself on the web for free. Although that could be cost-effective, it's not really time effective.

Use these 7 effective hacks to find out whether that blogging course or e-book is right for you before you pull out your wallet. 

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