How to Set Goals You'll Actually Achieve Every Time (+ Free Goal Setting Printable)


Well guys and gals, it's almost November. You know what that means. It's almost the season of "New Year, New Me!" Everyone's thinking about their goals for the new year. 2018 is fast approaching and we're all trying to do it right. Next year has to be bigger and better than 2017, right?! But I think we all know that most new year goals fail. For a number of reasons in fact. One of the most notorious reasons is that they are not planned out right...or at all for that matter. This isn't only the case for New Years. This usually occurs for all goals.

By now, you can tell that my blog is centered around achieving your goals. This past year for me has been quite a rollercoaster. But a fun, adventurous one. See, earlier this year, I told myself that I would switch jobs, move to a better firm, and take on bigger and better opportunities. My deadline was to get this done by the summer.

I took out a sheet of paper, I listed out my targeted firms, prioritized them, figured out the exact steps I needed to take to get into each firm, and then I got to work. By the end of April, I had a brand new job at an amazing new firm!

At that moment, I realized exactly how I achieved my goal before the deadline that I had set for myself. It's not only how you go about conquering your goals, the important step is how you set your goals.

In this post, I'm sharing the exact steps I took to set goals for myself and slay them. And guess what? I'm sharing a free printable designed after the list I created earlier this year that was key to helping me achieve the success I have so far.

Not too long ago, I explained the many things that may be stopping you from achieving your goals, now I'm sharing how you can go about conquering them every single time.

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Ready to get started?!

This printable is so helpful! We all have goals. Setting them is easy, but actually getting them done is more difficult. Set yourself up for success with these super helpful goal setting tips and FREE PRINTABLE.

Figure out your current priorities

Believe it or not, before I even set my goals, I consider my priorities first. It's super easy to set goals. But without figuring out your priorities, you may find yourself setting tons of goals, before you even know it. When I first started planning out my goals, I set out a list of over 10 goals! That's a lot!!! It's easy to think that the more goals you have, the more successful you will be, but not really. You can't achieve it all. At least not all at once!!

Prioritizing your goals gives you an order and helps you to figure out what's important right now. I made sure to include a priorities box in the free worksheet just for you! You can simplify your goal setting process by filling out that section first! 😊

List your main goals and prioritize them

Once you figure out your priorities, it will be much easier to set your goals. Because you know what your priorities are, you can now visualize your bigger picture. And it will be so much clearer.

Right now, where do you see yourself in the coming years? What are your main goals that relate to your bigger picture? Write them down. Then list them based on your priorities. If something isn't as important to you right now, then you first goal should not be based on that priority.

Determine the action steps

This step is designed to make your life even easier! I've given you space in the worksheet just for this! Take your bigger goal and break it down. What do you need to do right now to make progress toward achieving your main goal?

Doing this step makes your goal a lot more attainable. The more attainable it is, the more likely you'll accomplish it. The more action steps you accomplish, the more progress you make toward smashing your goal. Yay!

This is the part that most people skip out on when setting their goals. But it's one of the most important steps! I made sure to include space in the printable just so you can list out your action steps for each goal.

Give yourself a deadline

You have a goal, but do you know when you want to get it done? By giving yourself a deadline, you force yourself to work hard and achieve everything you've set out to do. My trick? I always set a deadline sooner than I actually expect to achieve the goal. That's a personal challenge of mine! It pushes me to get to work and start killing my action steps as quickly as possible! And when I succeed before my deadline, I feel amazing!

Find an accountability system

So you've set goals for yourself, but what difference will it make if you don't stick to them? Give yourself a chance to succeed! Find someone who will hold you accountable if you give up. Or you can go even bigger by setting up a celebratory party and invite your friends and family ahead of time. If you fail at your goal, now you have to cancel the party. You don't want to be that person!

A good accountability system will keep you on track to achieve everything that you put your mind to.

Surround yourself with inspiration

Now that you've planned out your goals, surround yourself with things that will keep you inspired. Even the most determined person needs inspiration sometimes. The best thing I love to do is make an oath to myself. To me, an oath is personal and I can look back on it and realize how important this goal actually is to me. So set your goal and make a promise to yourself that you'll conquer it. Your free worksheet has space just for that!

If an oath doesn't work, think about your favorite motivational quote. Does someone inspire you? Hang up a picture of that quote or that person. Keep it somewhere that you'll walk pass daily.


I'm super pumped now! I have so many different things that I want to achieve on this blog. I've already pulled out my goal setting worksheet and have started implementing these different strategies and my blog has started to take off! I'm going to completely fill out the sheet, and hang it up in places where I can see it every day and watch my accomplishments start rolling in!

Are you ready to start smashing your own goals?! I know you're super psyched to get going, so download your free printable and let's get to it!!