Zero to 30,000 Views: The Ultimate Tailwind Guide Guaranteed to Boost Your Page Views


From the moment I created a blog, I instantly knew that I wanted it to be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of people. I wanted it to be public and for it to inspire many, but I just didn’t know how to do that. I do my research and figure out that Pinterest is the way to go!! I created pins for my blog posts and started pinning them to Pinterest and I saw some growth in my views. Read my blog rebrand story here.

As fun as Pinterest can be, don't you wish there was a way to take advantage of Pinterest's traffic without actually spending the time on Pinterest. Well, there is!!

Insert Tailwind App!

If you're anything like me and genuinely don't have the time to spend on Pinterest every day, Tailwind is just for you! From the moment I started using Tailwind, I noticed a rapid increase in both my Pinterest profile traffic and my blog traffic. My page views started to climb and my pins were getting tons of re-pins and click-throughs to my blog.

I went from 0 to over 30,000 page views in one month!

Though it would be easy for me to hog all of this information, I like to think I'm very generous ( ) and want to share everything that I’ve learned with you! So, if you are a brand new blogger, aspiring to become a blogger, or if you just want to increase your blog traffic and views, this is the post for you!!!

This blog post is going to tell you absolutely everything you need to know about how to use Tailwind to:

  • Optimize your Pinterest strategy
  • boost our blog traffic immediately and your blog income
  • cut your time on Pinterest so you can spend more time improving and promoting your blogging elsewhere
  • the exact strategy I used to boost my blog traffic by over 30,000 viewers

If you're new to blogging and want to learn some quick tips to that will improve both your blog and your creative mind, read this post here!

Now I before actually get into all the goodies about Tailwind, there are some things I have to get out of the way. This is super obvious so I'm not going to waste your time going into details about this. I’ll make this quick…

Before you can take advantage of everything Tailwind has to offer, you need to have a Pinterest profile first. See? Like I said. Obvious. Here's a quick rundown of the steps you need to take :

  1. Create a free Pinterest business account.
  2. If you already have a Pinterest account, you can easily convert it into a business account for free by going into your profile settings and switching to a business account.
  3. Start creating Pinterest pins for your blog posts. You can Canva (which I highly recommend). It’s very easy to use, has a beautiful interface, and provides awesome templates to help you create high quality, pinnable images.
  4. Pin multiple pins daily (the more you pin, the better – especially if you’re a newbie blogger)

Tip: Your Pinterest account absolutely should be a business account in order to get the full assessment of the health of your Pinterest pins, your group boards, your Pinterest profile views, and everything else on Pinterest that will help you grow your blog )

Tip: I suggest creating multiple pins per blog post. Make sure they each look different with different text and images to make sure you capture the interest of different viewers.

Okay! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff?

This post contains affiliate links (which means I make a small commission) to keep this blog running. To learn more about affiliate links (which is pretty boring), click here.

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What is Tailwind App?

Tailwind App is a program that allows you to schedule your pins on Pinterest. It’s an official partner of Pinterest, making it a highly trusted resource and the optimal tool for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

The cool thing about it is that it allows you full control over the pins you want to schedule, the exact date and time, and to which Pinterest board. And guess what? You can schedule hundreds of pins to go out TODAY without actually having to spend hours on Pinterest! Isn’t that awesome! Pinterest can be set on full autopilot by filling up your Tailwind queue with pins.

Not only can you multiply your pinning power exponentially, you can also:

  • Easily schedule your pins directly from Pinterest on your web browser and Pinterest mobile app using Tailwind’s browser extension and mobile app.
  • Take advantage of Tailwind’s optimized scheduler which creates a unique pinning schedule based entirely on the times your audience is most engaged on Pinterest and with your pins
  • Use Tailwind’s analytics to track the health of your pins (re-pins, shares, impressions, etc)
  • Track your group boards and re-pin your most viral pins to your top group boards, and so much more!

But, before you can even access Tailwind App and all of its awesomeness, you need a Tailwind account. So let’s get you started with that!

How to Set up Your Account

This is super easy. It will only be a few minutes (at most!) before you can take advantage of Tailwind, schedule your pins, and watch your blog traffic grow. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to easily help you set up your account.

Step 1: Sign up for a Tailwind account here. Tailwind is awesome enough to let you try it out and get your first 100 pins FOR FREE! Click here to sign up.

Step 2: Connect your Pinterest account.

Step 3: Get the browser extension for your web browser and the iOS app for your phone.

Step 4: Simply start adding pins to your schedule!

Tip: You can customize your Tailwind schedule to include more or fewer pins per day.

How to Optimize your Tailwind schedule to Take Advantage of Pinterest Views

This is where the awesomeness really begins! As soon as you create your account and link your Pinterest profile, you can begin scheduling pins. Even with your new account, Tailwind creates a standard schedule for your pins. But, if you want to increase your blog traffic by making sure your pins are being seen by your viewers, Tailwind’s Smart Schedule is where it’s at!

To access the Smart Schedule, simply click "Publish", then "Your Schedule" in the sidebar. Tailwind will pull up your current schedule sorted by the days of the week.

tailwind app, how to use tailwind, how to grow your blog traffic, how to use tailwind for pinterest, pinterest marketing, tailwind, social media marketing

  • The dark green buttons indicate the time slots that are already included in your schedule by Tailwind
  • The white buttons indicate additional times suggested by Tailwind based on your viewer’s activity
  • You can also add your own time slot by clicking "Add Time slot". Those additions would be indicated by a grey button.

When you’re ready to create a Smart Schedule, simply click "Generate New Time Schedule" and input the amount of pins you want Tailwind to schedule per day. Once you’re finished, you do not need to generate a new time schedule until you feel it is necessary. Tailwind App will analyze your Pinterest profile and viewer engagement to determine the optimal times for your pins each day. If your viewers are more engaged on a certain day of the week, Tailwind will add more time slots on that day.

Tip: I recommend doing this after you’ve had some time to use Tailwind and allowed it track your Pinterest stats. Generating this time schedule immediately after creating your Tailwind account may be helpful, but doing it after Tailwind has tracked your stats for a while may be more beneficial.

Start Scheduling Your Pins

When you’re ready to start scheduling, all you need to do is go into Pinterest on your web browser or mobile app and start pinning.

  • Tailwind App Internet Extension

If Tailwind wasn't already simple enough, it offers an extension that allows you to schedule pins directly from Pinterest or any website without actually having to open up Tailwind itself. To get this extension, log in to Tailwind. The main board will show a "Checking Your Browser" button which will scan your browser for the extension. If you do not have the extension installed, Tailwind will offer you an option to do so. One click and you're done. You will see an icon like this for Google Chrome.

tailwind app, how to use tailwind, how to grow your blog traffic, how to use tailwind for pinterest, pinterest marketing, tailwind, social media marketingOr this for Internet Explorer

tailwind app, how to use tailwind, how to grow your blog traffic, how to use tailwind for pinterest, pinterest marketing, tailwind, social media marketing

When you're on Pinterest or any website and see content that you would like to pin, all you have to do is click on the extension icon. It will open up a pop-up, which will allow you to schedule your pin to whichever boards you choose. Schedule your pin, click "add to queue" and you're done!!

  • iOS Tailwind App

I swear Tailwind really wants to make things simple for people. The Tailwind App for iOS is super easy to use and integrates directly with your mobile Pinterest app. It allows you to schedule your Pinterest pins from anywhere at anytime. (At this time Tailwind only has an iOS app).

To set it up:

  1. download the Tailwind app in the Apple Store
  2. Log in using your Tailwind account
  3. Open up Pinterest and scroll to a pin that you like
  4. Click on "Send" and choose the Tailwind app from the list of apps at the bottom (You may have to click "More Apps" and scroll before you see Tailwind)
  5. Click Tailwind and schedule your pin like normal

How many pins and how often should you pin?

I’m making this a big point because it was something that I constantly asked myself when I started using Tailwind. No matter how many success stories I read about Tailwind, no one gave me the magic number! Well, that’s because there isn’t one. Your success on Pinterest, though tied directly, with your use of Tailwind, also depends on your pin images, captions, keyword usage, and more.

That being said, I highly recommend the 80/20 rule, when you’re first starting out. This means that you pin 20% of your own content and 80% of everyone else’s content. And yes, you can use Tailwind to pin other people’s pins too! I recommend this rule simply because you will not have a ton of content when you first start your blog, even if you create multiple Pinterest images for one post. (Unless you drafted multiple blog posts before launching your blog!)

Wondering where to grab your pins from?

You can pull your pins directly from your own Pinterest feed. Guess what? You don’t only have to pin just your blog posts. You can pin other people’s content, Pinterest images with affiliate links, and other pins related to your blog niche! No limits! However, if you want to streamline your content and make sure that your pins relate to the focus of your blog, I suggest pinning from related:

  • Pinterest Group boards
  • Facebook groups with Pinterest repin threads
  • Tailwind tribes
  • Directly from blog posts and other websites using your Tailwind browser extension.

Huge Pro Tip: Pin content that will attract the readers you're looking for. Pin stuff related to your niche plus extra things your readers may be interested in. You can look at the "People You Reach" tab of your Pinterest Analytics page to find out which kind of reader you are attracting and their interests. Use this information to boost your Pinterest followers, profile views, and blog traffic click-throughs.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes are absolutely amazing and practically guarantee that your pins will get shared. Essentially, Tailwind tribes are groups on Tailwind where different members can pin their content to the tribe for other group members to repin. There are tons of Tailwind tribes out in the blogosphere based on different niches. Most tribe creators require that the group members only pin high-quality content. This is great for you because it means that you will be re-pinning high-quality content for your viewers. This will please your current Pinterest followers and attract new ones.

With Tailwind tribes, your pins are guaranteed to be shared by the tribe members! Each tribe has a rule requiring each member to re-pin at least one other member’s pin for every pin that the tribe member posts. Therefore, if you post 3 pins to the Tailwind tribe, you’ll have to re-pin 3 pins from the tribe that are not yours. Some tribes even have a 2 to 1 ratio, meaning you may have to pin double the number of your pins that were posted to the tribe. This absolutely guarantees shares of your content!!!

If you want to take advantage of Tailwind tribes and guarantee your pins are shared, click here to download a free list of over 70 Tailwind tribes to start boosting your blog right now!

To make it even more awesome, Tailwind tribes are completely free for everyone!!! To get started with them:

  1. create your free Tailwind account
  2. use the tailwind tribe list to instantly join the tailwind tribes of your choosing
  3. make sure to read the rules of each tribe and follow them!!
  4. share your pins in the tribe and re-pin according to the rules

Tip: You can use the Tailwind extension to quickly add your own pins directly to your tribes. Follow the same steps as above to start scheduling a pin, except click "Add to Tribes". Select the tribes that relate to your pin and then you're done!!

Awesome Trick to Schedule Your Pin to Multiple Boards: Create Board Lists

Tailwind already simplifies the slightly overwhelming Pinterest process. But creating board lists for your Tailwind pins will make things even simpler. Board lists are exactly what they sound like. A list that you create on Tailwind of your Pinterest group boards. You can make board lists in any way that you like.

Tip: To make your life easier, create boards lists based on niche. For example, I made each board list based on the topics related to the group boards that I am on. In my case, I have board lists for blogging boards, goals/personal development boards, intentional living boards, general (all niche) boards, and boards with daily pin limits.

tailwind app, how to use tailwind, how to grow your blog traffic, how to use tailwind for pinterest, pinterest marketing, tailwind, social media marketing To create your board lists:

  1. Click "Publish" in the sidebar and click "Board Lists"
  2. Add your list
  3. Add boards to that list

When you’re ready to schedule a pin, just choose the board list that you want to schedule the pins to, click "Add to Queue" and you’re done!!!

Tip: Adjust the schedule for board list pins so that you don't pin the same pin to multiple group boards at once. I suggest adjusting the pin to filter out every hour at least. This picture here shows my pin being filtered out every day.

tailwind app, how to use tailwind, how to grow your blog traffic, how to use tailwind for pinterest, pinterest marketing, tailwind, social media marketing Customizing your schedule pin like this will lock it in place on your scheduler. If you forgot to manually adjust the schedule as shown, simply click the "shuffle all" button on your scheduler to shuffle all of your pins. Only unlocked pins will be shuffled.

Once you create your board lists, you can schedule a pin to go out to multiple boards with just one click! I can't tell you how simple that is, especially if you are on a ton of group boards like me!!

Tailwind App Analytics

Tailwind App is trusted partner of Pinterest; therefore, it is fully integrated with Pinterest and has the amazing capabilities of tracking the health and stats of your pins and your boards (including your secret ones!)

You can access your Tailwind App Analytics through various tabs in your sidebar. The Analytics options include:

  • Monitor Your Domain: This tracks the traffic to your blog from Pinterest plus pins shared from your blog to Pinterest
  • Track Your Brand Page: Everything you need to know about the performance of your Pinterest profile, your boards, and group boards
  • Optimize content: Want to know exactly how many re-pins and shares your pins are getting? Optimize Content will show you exactly that plus industry trends and more!!!! (You will only be able to track your pins re-pins through the Tailwind free trial. But you can upgrade to an affordable Tailwind plan to get access to more options!!!)

Analytics allows you to access Pin Inspector which evaluates the repins, shares, and virality of each pin you've pinned through Tailwind. Some of these analytical options are available for free. However, if you want to take full advantage of Tailwind and really boost your traffic on Pinterest and your blog, a Tailwind subscription would be the way to go to get full access to Tailwind analytics. Tailwind plans are super affordable starting at only $9 per month!

  •  How to Use Analytics

My biggest advice is to use the Pin Inspector to see which pins are failing on Pinterest and which pins are working. Use that to determine what needs to be changed and create a new pin to replace the pins that are not doing well on Pinterest. Also, knowing the group boards that bring you the most views to your pins and blog is valuable!!!!

Tip: pin your most top rated pins to your best group boards and watch your blog traffic leap!

Tailwind Strategy That Grew My Blog to Over 30,000 views in One Month

Here's the exact Tailwind strategy that I used. It's super easy, saves so much times, and will grow your blog traffic

Disclaimer: The results you receive with this strategy will vary depending on your Pinterest images, your keyword usage, and the text and title of your pins.

  • use Tailwind Smart Schedule to create generate a unique schedule based on my viewer's engagement
  • schedule other people's content from Pinterest to my own boards through Tailwind.(I generally try to schedule 50-60 pins each day)

Tip: to ensure that my group boards continue to rank high on Pinterest and remain viral, I repin viral pins directly from my group boards to my own boards. Doing this makes Pinterest believe that the group boards are higher quality because they are most active and have higher repins. This boosts your own pins on those boards and will trick Pinterest into ranking your pins higher since they are pinned in a top ranked group board. This is an absolute must!

Tip: To know which one of your group boards are most viral and most active, use the Board Insights page to see your group board rankings. You can check the board's overall re-pins, virality, and how active the board is.

  • To attract Pinterest viewers and increase the ranking of your own boards, share viral pins to your own boards.

Note: This will ensure re-pins from your personal boards which will increase your ranking on Pinterest. Increasing your ranking will make Pinterest think that people love your content. Thus, Pinterest will start sharing your content on its own, making it more visible on other people's feeds!

  • Use Tailwind Pin Inspector to assess the re-pins, shares, and engagements of your pins. If your pins are not performing well, create a new and improved pin for that blog post and promote it on Pinterest
  • Use Board Insights in Track Your Brand Page, which will help you determine which group boards are giving you most re-pins and click-throughs to your site.
  • Using Pin Inspector, determine which of your pins are getting the most re-pins and shares. Share those top pins to your best and most active group boards daily! 

Tip: Use the schedule customizer option to filter out each pin to different group boards each day to make sure you are not spamming the boards. (i.e. if you picked 4 top pins, pick 4 of your top group boards. On day 1, pin top #1 to group board #4, top pin #2 to group board 3, etc. On day 2, pin top pin #1 to group board 3, top pin #2 to group board 2, etc.)

Unique Tip!!!

Manually pin your top pins (with the most click-throughs) to your top group boards daily. From my experience, manually pinning my own content to Pinterest results in higher traffic to my blog versus pinning all of my pins through Tailwind. There's an old wives tale that Pinterest loves when people actually spend time on Pinterest viewing and repinning content. The truth of this statement is still debatable; though I have seen a boost in my traffic with manual pinning. However, both strategies grow your blog traffic.

Tip: You can also use Pin Inspector to determine which pins are performing well. Analyze these pins and try to assess why they are doing well and use that information when creating future pins

Overall, Tailwind has been a critical part of my Pinterest marketing strategy and has helped me to boost my traffic exponentially!! I believe in Tailwind so much that I immediately took advantage of its affordable $9 monthly plan. I can safely say that Tailwind App has been the most affordable and most helpful investment toward my blog. It will definitely be integral in helping me take my blog from a hobby to a business!

Not sure whether you want to take your blog to a biz yet? Read how I learned what I wanted from my blog, how I rebranded and grew my page views. 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Are you ready to get started with Tailwind?

Click here to download a free Tailwind Tribe list with 70 tribes to join right now! (sorted by niche) This list is great for newbie bloggers or bloggers that are looking to expand their reach and grow their blog traffic today!!

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