7 Things You Should Do Before You Waste Your Money on that Blogging Course


This post is part of the Blogging On a Budget series created to help you build a profitable successful blog without breaking the bank. This post may contain affiliate links. You can get more info here. Everywhere you look, there's a blogging course being advertised on the internet. Pinterest. Instagram. Google. Your email! As a new blogger, you're always looking for a new strategy that can help you get that magical six-figure income most bloggers are talking about. You already have tons of different free e-books and have signed up for plenty of email challenges and courses. But another e-book won't hurt, right? I mean, the more you know the better!! Maybe you can finally start seeing your bank account climb just from your blog alone!

Question: What's the worst that could happen?

Answer: You take out your credit card, spend $50 dollars or more on a course only for it to tell you everything you already know!!

Listen, you can never stop researching and learning, especially if you're turning your blog into a business. And yes, there's tons of knowledge out there. But that doesn't mean that it's all meant for you. One thing about me...

I'm all about blogging on a budget.

Do you have a blogging course that you've been eyeing, but you're not sure if it is right for you? Learn how to sift through all the BS and find that perfect resource before you spend your money.

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This post has helped me save money!!!!! Are you ready to buy that blogging course, but you're not sure if it is right for you? Do these 7 things to learn if that blogging resource is right for your blog. Don't waste a single penny on another blogging e-book or course ever again. Be frugal and smart with your money. Want to learn how to evaluate a blogging course before you spend your money? Click here to read how!!!

1. Know your blog focus.

Okay, so we can all agree that there are a gazillion blogging courses out there, right? And it feels like practically all of them are being marketed toward newbie bloggers. Although that's what you may feel, did you know that not all blogging courses are meant for everyone?

In fact, some blog resources are marketed for a specific audience or niche. Knowing what the focus of your blog actually is can help you determine if that blogging course is actually right for you. For instance, just because you're a mom that is starting a blog doesn't mean that you want to market yourself as a mompreneur.

2. What's your main goal for your blog?

Are you blogging to earn an income, blogging for your own small business, blogging for fun, or do you want to turn your blog into your business? There's nothing wrong with any of these options. But they're important to know before you spend your money. If you're blogging for fun with no interest in monetizing or making a serious business out of your blog, purchasing affiliate marketing courses may not be right for you.

3. What's your main concern right now?!

Looking to grow your blog? Having issues with traffic or your email list? Haven't started your blog yet and don't know where to start? Look for resources that are geared towards your number one issue right now. It's easy to want to buy everything that relates to everything. But to make sure you get the results you're looking for, you absolutely have to streamline your focus and focus on one thing at a time.

4. Experience level

You see the blogging course you've been wanting to buy? Is it teaching you techniques that you can use right now at your blogging level?

Despite how the product is marketed, some resources are geared toward people with specific experience levels. For instance, most books about affiliate marketing focus on people that already have a blog and some kind of following. So before you can even capitalize on an affiliate marketing book, you need to start your blog first and actually have readers. But there are other courses that actually teach you how to start your blog plus learn how to monetize it.

Research the experience level you need for that resource to actually be helpful to you. Some authors are great enough to let you know exactly who the course is meant on the course's page like this course here or they provide you with a snapshot of the course's chapters or lesson modules, like this one.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

5. Don't only rely on testimonials from the author's blog

Ever see a seller voluntarily put negative product reviews on their site?? Yeah, probably not. Testimonials put on a course's site don't always give you an accurate and full review of the product itself. Unlike Yelp or Amazon, bloggers have 100% complete control of the testimonials that appear on their site. And if you're not too careful, those testimonials will get you to pull out your wallet and spend your money! I'm not at all saying that the seller would mislead you! But they also won’t highlight negative reviews for their products either. Who would?!

If you truly want to be sure the book lives up to the hype, search Google or Pinterest for product reviews. I've done this for every single blogging course or e-book I was interested in buying. Some of the reviews I found actually helped me save my money!!

6. Ask around.

If there's a product that you're interested in, but you're on the fence, ask someone who's tried the product. You can ask those who provided a testimonial for the product or someone who has written a review. Send them an email or a message on their social media accounts. If you have questions, ask away.  Don't be afraid to speak up.  It gives you a personal testimonial, plus you will have just made a new blogging friend. BONUS!!

7. Go to the source.

I believe in fully researching a product before spending my hard earned money. If you have any questions about the blogging course that no one else can answer, go to the author and ask them. They're the best one to answer your question and will likely do so honestly to make sure you're not misled by their product.

Some authors actually post FAQs on their website which are quite helpful in letting you know whether or not to purchase the product.

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