My Super Effective Methods for Beating the Monday Blues


It's Sunday evening. That all too dreadful feeling of Monday approaching is creeping up your spine. You're slowly dreading going to sleep, hoping that staying awake will slow down time. Then the clock strikes 9 pm...10 pm...11 pm. Darn! It's time to give it up. Bedtime it is. Though you love sleep, you don't right now because when you wake up, it will be Monday. And you'll have a serious case of the Monday blues. We all get the Monday blues from time to time, some of us more than others. The only problem? There isn't an actual cure. How do we actually get through Monday without giving up on the world?

Well, I got ya covered!! I rarely suffer from the Monday blues anymore because of the following effective habits that I'm about to share with you. Enjoy!!

My Super Effective Methods for Beating the Monday Blues | the Bold Approach - That all too dreadful feeling of Monday approaching is creeping up your spine. These super effective methods can provide some work motivation and a cure for the monday blues. These tips include self-care, improving your work environment, successful habits, morning routine, and more.

1. Prepare for Monday on Friday

Mondays are hard enough. Make your day a lot easier by doing the bulk of your work on Friday. Here's what I mean. No one wants to go into work worrying about a huge or time sensitive project that they have yet to complete. If you can avoid it, then do so. Use your Fridays to prep for Mondays by taking care of the tougher tasks that need to be completed. Though most people like to coast on Fridays, doing so actually increases the chances of the Monday Blues. You'll wake up on Monday with a long list of assignments that you have to finish. Minimize that stress if you can.

2. Self-care routine before work

Have some things that you do in the morning that instantly make you feel better? How about incorporating those things into a morning routine. Developing practices that improve your mornings can be an instant cure for the Monday Blues. I've developed my own form of morning practices that automatically make my day 10 times better. Developing your own routine may all you need to defeat the Monday blues.

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3. Identify what's causing the Monday blues

Sometimes it might not be because it's Monday. Personally, my Monday Blues are caused by my over anticipation of the week to come. So how do I defeat this? By taking a minute to figure out all of my tasks for the week, organizing them, and then scheduling them. Doing so instantly takes some of the weight off of my shoulders and makes the coming week a lot more manageable.

4. Avoid things that will sour your mood

Annoying co-workers, loud chatter, time-wasters, the list goes on. If you need to, shut your office doors and enclose yourself in your own space for a little while. Separating yourself from things that dampen your mood will actually boost it in return.

5. Surround yourself with people who uplift you

There has to be someone at work that you like. Right? Some hearty and uplifting chatter is a good cure for the Monday blues.

6. Drink a nice calming cup of tea

Raise your hand if you love tea! (P.S. I'm raising both hands). I'm a massive tea lover and believe in its healing power. One of my favorite things to do in the mornings or during the day is to have a nice hot cup of tea. It's like a cozy, warm feeling in a cup and instantly calms me down. If you like tea, drink a cup in the morning or during the day. Give yourself a chance to relax for a minute before getting back to work.

7. Allow yourself time to refresh

Imagine walking into work on Monday. You sit at your desk and immediately start dreading the work ahead of you. You reluctantly turn on your computer and get to work. The clock strikes 12 pm and you happily embrace the short break ahead. No work for the next half hour!!! You walk to the kitchen pantry, pop your lunch in the microwave and take a seat, happy to enjoy these next few moments to yourself. When lunch is over, you get back to your office with a pep in your step! You just killed thirty minutes and re-energized yourself for the next few hours until the day is done.

That break that you just took is extremely useful, because without noticing it, you defeated the Monday blues.

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8. Change your mindset.

Instead of living just for the weekend, start to love for each day. Each day is a new day and a new beginning. A fresh start. Embrace it. We often don't realize how many new opportunities life gives us. Every second is another chance to change the game and ourselves.

9. Sunday is only for relaxation.

I mean really relax. No running errands. Chill out for the day. Take care of yourself. I use Sundays to wash my hair, pamper myself, meditate, and relax on the couch. Deeming Sunday as your relaxation day really helps to settle your mind and body to get you armed and ready to take on the Monday blues.

10. Dress to impress!

Nothing like a little sass and confidence to get you in the mood to kill the freaking game! Mondays are usually when I look my best (mainly because I slowly start to care less about my outfits as the week goes on), but also because a great outfit puts me in the right mood.

11. Go to bed early

I love to sleep. I really do. It's absolutely amazing. One thing I strongly dislike about Mondays is that it represents the start of five consecutive days during which my sleep will be interrupted by an annoying alarm clock. Going to bed early makes sure that I get all the sleep I need for a restful morning. Let me tell you, when I'm well-rested, nothing can stop me!

12. Boost your energy with a great morning workout

Did you know that morning workouts can boost your energy and focus? I can personally attest to it. Take a half hour in the morning to get in a quick workout or even a relaxing yoga session. You'll notice a huge surge of energy and crazy focus once you get to work. Monday blues be damned!

13. Brighten Up Your Office with Greenery

Nothing like a little green to make you less mean!! (Okay that was bad, but you get the point) Plants in my office have brought so much happiness to my work space. Just seeing the plants filling up my office window brings a nice color to my office and improves my mood.

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