9 Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Your Goals


Nine Reasons You Aren't Achieving Your Goals. Great tips and things I didn't think about! Setting goals and achieving your goals can be difficult. There may be reasons why you are not able to become successful like you'd hoped. Find out why you're not achieving your goals, including motivational quotes, tips to help you achieve your goals and become successful. If you know anything about me and my aspirations for this blog, you'll know that one of my missions is to help you achieve all of your goals and bask in the glory of success. We've all had those moments when we've been working hard to get things done, but no matter how much effort we put in, we still don't have anything to show for it. Well, I'm here to help you identify what may be causing this halt on your journey and how you can get that train to success moving again!


You're Only Focused on the End Goal

If you're like everyone else, when you make a goal, that goal is most likely the end game. Here's what I mean. Let's use me for a second. When I was in college, I knew that I wanted to become a lawyer some day. So my end goal was to become a lawyer. That was the big prize that I was looking for. Well, in order to become a lawyer, there are so many other things that I need to accomplish first. For instance, I need to graduate college. After that I need to pass my LSATs, then get into a law school, graduate from law school, pass the Bar Exam, etc, etc. You get the picture. All of these smaller goals actually make up the bigger one.

In order for you to actually succeed, you need to break your big goal down into a smaller one. Zoom in on what needs to be done now or sooner. Because all of the little things are going to help create the bigger one.

Think about the smaller goals as steps in the staircase to the big goal. If I'm on the first floor of a building and I need to get to the second floor, I have to walk up the stairs. Unfortunately, I don't have superpowers that will allow me to jump from the first floor to the second floor. I wish I did though! Think of each step in the staircase as a smaller goal that's leading you to the end goal. You have to take it one step at a time. You can go two steps at a time if you're athletic!

Breaking down your goal makes things easier and gives you some focus. Instead of thinking about everything in one big package, you now see little goals that you can conquer today or tomorrow. Each goal that you conquer is actually bringing you one step closer to your dream.

You're Doing It For All the Wrong Reasons

Ever tell yourself that there's something that you really want to do, but can't figure out why? Knowing why is actually quite important to your success. For one reason, it provides you the motivation to move forward. (I'll discuss motivation in a second.)

Stop for a second and think about a goal that you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself why you want to reach that goal. Be honest with yourself here. Once you get that answer, write it down on a piece of paper or a post-it and tape it to your wall. Look at it whenever you begin to feel lost, unworthy, or incapable. Remembering your "why" can actually push you to figure out your "how, when, where" and more!

You Lack Motivation

Setting a goal is the easy part, but actually achieving it is more difficult. It requires action and persistence. At times, we don't always have the willpower to keep going. Motivation is the key to our success here. Without motivation, you won't keep pushing yourself.

Here's my quick tip. Surround yourself with people and things that will keep you going. Hang up posters on your wall of people you idolize. Be around friends and family you know will push you forward. Leave yourself little notes in random places with cheerful words and quotes. Go on Pinterest and search for motivational quotes or pictures. Here is one of my favorite quotes:

"I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don't." 

Having motivation will create and attract the success that you desire.

You Lack Confidence

This is common for all of us. I've had my fair share of moments when I thought "I can't do this." Or if it's a goal that's beyond your comfort zone, you may think that you shouldn't be trying something new. You're wrong! You should be doing this. Most importantly, you can do this! Give yourself the confidence that you need to succeed.

Moments of self-doubt usually come from instances when you've failed or hit a roadblock that you can't seem to get around. Let me be the first to tell you that failure is part of the journey. There have been countless successful people in the world that have encountered failure on their way to the top. In fact, I'm sure EVERY successful person has had some form of failure. It is normal and actually quite necessary. Without failure, you won't be able to learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes actually gives you the knowledge you need to progress forward with the confidence that you won't make that same mistake again.

Having moments of self-doubt is not the end of the world. But allowing it to stop you will be. When you're lacking confidence, just remember that everyone else has these moments too. It's how you get out from under this rain cloud that will define you.


Nine Reasons You Aren't Achieving Your Goals. Great tips and things I didn't think about! Setting goals and achieving your goals can be difficult. There may be reasons why you are not able to become successful like you'd hoped. Find out why you're not achieving your goals, including motivational quotes, tips to help you achieve your goals and become successful.


You're Acting Without a Plan

You can't efficiently achieve a goal without a plan. If you just set out to do something without making a roadmap for yourself, you will end up in the wrong place. Think about this quote for a second by Antoine de Saint-Exupery:

"A goal without a plan is simply a wish."

You can have a goal in mind, but that alone does not achieve success. You have to know how to get there. But don't be one-track minded with this. Having a plan doesn't only show you the "how", it also shows you the what, when, why, and who.

I can sum up my point in one word: clarity. Planning for success gives you the clarity that you need to get there. You develop tunnel vision in a way. You develop focus, which is important to get over the bumps in the road ahead.

I've written a great post and have an awesome goal setting worksheet to show you exactly how to set your goals to ensure maximum success every time. 

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You're Not Acting on Your Plans

Now you've done all the work of planning out your goals, but it won't mean anything if you're not acting on them. Get up and get it done! I can't stress it enough. You won't make it anywhere in this world if you're sitting around doing nothing. Progress takes work and so does success. Don't waste the time in dreaming about the life that you want if you're not going to get out there and work for it.

You Lack Focus

Ever have those moments when you're trying to read a book, but you're so out of it that you're reading the same sentence over and over again? That's due to a lack of focus. It happens even to the best of us. But unfortunately, it will hinder your progress. You will not make it far without focus. You'll just continue to read that same sentence repeatedly until you give up and close the book.

(NOTE: I've compiled a few tips on how to increase your productivity without the hassle of working more. You should definitely read that post if your lack of focus is due to being way too busy.)

Find ways to keep yourself focused on the tasks ahead. The best way to do that is to minimize the distractions. If there is something or someone who keeps interfering with your progress, separate yourself from them for the time being. Now, I'm not saying that you should isolate yourself from the world. But have the willpower and responsibility to know when it's time to play and when it's time to get down to business.

You Lack Accountability

Oh, accountability. One of those words that has a somewhat negative connotation to it, right? I mean, when you think of being held accountable for something, it's usually a bad thing. But in this case, being held accountable is a good thing.

First, having accountability will keep you in check. You won't veer off the beaten path if you know that there is something or someone who will berate you for it. On that same token, accountability will motivate you to keep going.

One quick way to set up a system of accountability is to have someone who will keep you on track. Or you can set up your smaller tasks or goals in a way that your next goal cannot be achieved if you don't properly complete your current task at hand. Failure to complete task #1, means failure to complete task #2, which means failure to achieve your goal. You don't want that. Nobody wants that.

You Give Up Too Easily

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that actually succeeding at a goal can be daunting sometimes. You've been working so hard at it (or maybe you haven't but you'd like to believe that you have), but you've made little progress. It's tough! There's a light at the end of the tunnel, but the closer you seem to get to it, the further away it moves. But there's also an exit door in that tunnel labeled "Give Up Now" and you walk through that door. Well guess what, that door is harder to open back up once you close it. You may have to start from the beginning again or closer to the beginning than you'd like. Don't be that person that gives up on their dreams.

Think about it this way, your dreams and goals are worth fighting for. If they weren't, then you wouldn't be dreaming about them because you'd already be doing it. You aspire to do something for a reason. If you don't want to or need to fight for it, then it's probably not worth your time.

Give yourself that chance to succeed. It may be tough on that road to success, but remember that once you reach the finish line, it'll be all worth it in the end.

If you're someone who has been on a long road to success without an end, these nine reasons may be why.

You've learned what are stopping you from conquering your goals. Are you ready to start achieving them?! 

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