Why You Absolutely Will Not be Successful (Business Will Always Be Hard and Money Won't Flow) Without Self-Love!

Self love and acceptance is what you need to fully embody the role of being the next level version of yourself that has everything that you want and need. 

You need to love your good 

You need to love your bad

And you need to understand that allllll of it is a part of you for a reason 

It makes you unique and even more uniquely qualified to be the powerhouse coach that is able to get all of her clients amazing fucking results. Because you've fully embodied every single party of you and know you're this way and have experienced these things for a reason

Next level shit 

Once upon a time, self-love wasn't my strong suit

In junior high school I used to get picked on and wanted to be one of the cool kids because I thought people would like me more 

In high school, I literally tried to turn myself into a different person. I changed my clothes, tried to change the way I walked and talked. And made up stories about myself and my life to make myself seem cooler. And for a little while it worked!

But then I couldn't keep up with the stories and it eventually became so fucking tiring to keep lying about myself!

But it wasn't until college that I woke the fuck up and asked myself "What the fuck are you doing? You are fucking beautiful!! And if people can’t see that then fuck them!!!" (I literally said that lol Sometimes I have to be aggressive with myself to get through my own head!)

And that’s where you are now…

Not a high school kid, but a woman who has this dream to be a powerhouse business owner but she’s literally doubting everything she’s doing

Or at the very least, she’s taking action and trying to get into that hustle and flow state where running a business is actually fun and effortless, but every action she takes is followed by a doubt or a question of “is this right? Am I supposed to be doing this?” or “Maybe I should try this instead!”

Constant deletions of posts or words that you reeaallllyyy want to use or things that are second nature for you to say but might come off “wrong” to someone else

Constant questioning of whether you should be “showing up” every single day with tons of posts and livestreams

Constant questioning of whether you are doing enough because you just aren’t seeing the results that you want!

It’s not happening fast enough and you can’t understand why…so you keep looking at yourself thinking that you just can’t do it or there something about yourself that you have to hide away even more so that you can bring more people into your community because that means you’ll make more money right?

How do I know all of this?

Because I used to do the same thing there too for a while.

When I started this whole thing, I reverted back to the insecure woman that had no clue what she was doing, but was surrounded by women who were making it. Who were successful.

And I told myself that I needed to be like them.

Speak like them.

Talk like them.

Dress similar to them in order to have what they have.

What I wanted.

Because simply being me and embracing me in all of my flaws and beauty was not enough to get me where I wanted to go

I couldn't curse online because that would offend someone and scare them away. (Scarcity mindset)

I can’t show up in my ripped jeans and t-shirts because I wouldn't look professional and like someone worth investing in. (Lack of self love and belief in myself)

I can't have much of a sarcastic and sassy personality on my livestreams because some people just won't get it. (Scarcity again)

And all of this made me feel worthless 

I couldn't have what I wanted

I couldn’t be what I wanted 

Which meant that I couldn’t get what I wanted. 

That's how I felt and it actually was the truth 

Do you see how? 

Because the minute you were born, you were born with the power to receive!

The Universe already have you the gifts and molded you in such a way that you were automatically set up to receive everything that you could possibly ask for 

The clients that you want.

That path to get whatever you want. Thousands in full is there for you already!

The money is there for you already!

Your soul tribe is there for you already!

The freedom lifestyle. The EVERYTHING is there for you already!

But there minute you veer off that track 

The minute you tell yourself you're not enough

Or tell yourself that you can't make it unless you're someone else online, show up in a very specific way online, market yourself in a very specific way online, follow Person X's “3 step formula” instead of just following your soul, your inner message, and honoring that for what it is...

That's the minute you STOP receiving what you want to receive

That's the minute you get the people that "want to work with you in the future but not now" or "know you're the coach for them but can't invest right now".

The people that don't see you as the coach for them right now!

That don’t see working with you as an absolute necessity

You get the person that say "yes!" then ghost you 

Or the ones that don't truly value your work

What you really want and deserve is the person that says "hell the fuck yes! Sign me up! I don't care what you're charging!"

That's when you become sure that no matter what you sell, people are gonna buy 

Because you're in your right energy 

You're in the proper moment and space at all time 

That everything that you're doing is right and working because it's coming from your heart and soul. A place of fun and pure badassness.

Feeding yourself and giving yourself what you want by doing what you want and being who you were meant to be this entire time...


Your beautiful and unadulterated self!!!

Spreading your pixie dust all over the internet and not giving a fuck what people think!


Because now you're attracting that soul tribe

Now you're attracting the soulmate clients that are loyal and love and adore you and give you the best fucking testimonials in the world without asking (like I just received a few days ago)

You have the abundance of money in your account

The security of knowing that you're always gonna have even more money because you're set for life and your business is booming like a muthafucka!

That only happens when you learn to love yourself truly

Good. Bad. And everything in between because it's all beautiful and it all serves a purpose!


I hope you do.

Because if my success story of multiple 5-figure months at the START of my business isn't enough, then trust the fact that you were born to be great.

But that can't possibly happen if you're not learning to love and trust yourself as you are in this moment and finally step into the powerful version of you that receives effortlessly and on the dime!

Love you,


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Sade Forte