How It Became Ridiculously Easy (And Expected) To Manifest Two Clients In Two Weeks! $14K In Sales Without Trying!

What if I told you that you actually don't need the clients?!

If you're anything like me, you're a leader and driven beyond belief. And your creative flow is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

You know what you want. You know you're the best and that you deserve the best of the best of the best. And you're not willing to settle for anything less (that rhyme was unintentional. I swear!!!)

You have the vision and you hold the vision. It's sooooo fucking clear in your mind!

You see it every day. Write about it every day. Imagine every single day!!!

But the question always remains: "HOW" am I going to get from here to THERE?!

"Money. Duh!"


Because let's be honest, your dreams are freaking HUGE! And I feel you boo!!!

So are mine!!

And in this world, we need the money to achieve them! 

To buy the luxury apartment or home. To hire the team. To pay for those yearly vacations and spa days and clothes and that comfort of waking up every day on your own terms! My God!

And "HOW" do you get the money?

"Well, I need clients. I need to get paid for what I do!"

Your logical response!!

And without the clients and their testimonials, how could you possibly show people that you’re worth investing? How could you boost your marketing without talking about how powerful your work is? How could you possibly grow ANY business WITHOUT clients?

And without the clients, how could you possibly afford that life that you want to live?!

It’s all circular!


Can I share something?!

What if I told you that you are worthy of that life right now? And you are worthy of being that person now?!

Hell!! You already ARE that person, you just don't know it yet!!!

And what if I told you that the minute you put qualifications on how you expect to receive that life and what would make it worthwhile for you (by having tons of clients), that's the minute you STOP actually receiving it?

And you tell the Universe, which is putting everything into the works for you that you don't want the thing you're trying to manifest UNLESS you're getting it because you have clients that are paying you!

How crazy does that sound?!

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are not successful and you can't be happy and ______ [Insert your dream here] unless you have people that are paying you first. That your worth depends on THEM! 

Now tell me how that felt!

Your truth??

You're worthy right now! Right fucking now!

But you have to open yourself up to believing that!

To believing that the universe will send you the money that you need in the best way for you!

That the Universe is always working for you

And you have to be comfortable with the fact that you DON'T need the clients to achieve anything at all. You literally need to get to the point of being cool if you get them and cool even if you don't!!!

You'll be okay

You'll survive!

Life is still going on!!!!

Attaching need means attaching desperation

And attaching desperation means not trusting yourself to make shit happen and not trusting that you'll receive no matter how it comes to you

So you focus on "how" you'll get where you want to be which is the WORST thing you can do because you're telling yourself that you don't believe that by setting an intention to receive and sticking behind AND just showing up in all of your energy ANYWAY...that you'll know what to do naturally and it'll all work out for you!

Again! How shitty does that sound?!

So let me tell you how I (an ambitious, badass fucking leader like you) manifested TWO clients in two weeks ($14K) after months of not having anything!


I knew what I wanted.

New clients to work with and share my gifts with in my brand new program and I even pushed myself to sign them both in the two weeks’ time!


Your motivation is key because it’s the juice that’s driving your every action and thought!!!

Connect to the right thing! So for you, driven woman, you don’t care about the money.

You don’t care about the material things at all!

You care about what it represents and what it’s actually doing for you

Simply confirming that you’re a badass fucking leader RIGHT NOW!

Luxury and success are your middle names!

And you are that woman now!

That woman that’s here to lead the world and change lives!

That woman that’s here to share a message and have a crowd of loyal followers that hang on your every word and that change have massive shifts from the words you shared!

So connect to THAT! Because THAT’s what will continue to drive your actions into a mode of full empowerment and flow!

THAT’s what makes your actions so powerful and EASY

That’s what makes you feel capable and worthy AT ALL TIMES!

So connect to the motivation that’s right for you. If it’s not money, because focusing on that actually makes you feel poor and keeps you in scarcity, then flip the narrative and switch to something else!


Now that the intention is in place and the motivation is right, I chose to believe in myself.

I knew it would happen.

I knew it would come true for me regardless of the time period, I knew those clients were mine already! And I stuck by that!

If fear or scarcity popped up, I worked through them right them and told myself what was true. New clients were coming because my work needed to be shared! It's not about the money for me. It's about changing lives!! 


Once I decided to sign the two clients in two weeks and told myself it would happen regardless, and reinforced that belief whenever it started to waiver), I let it all go!

I released that intention and showed the fuck up anyway.

Because I have a message to share.

I have soul work that I have to do.

And I absolutely must share with my people even if they're paying me or not!

Because it's not about the money for me. Never has been. The money is just a by-product of doing my true calling! 

I sold my offer everyday with fun and conviction (because I fully believed in it).

I connect with my people daily because I truly wanted to be there for them.


And in two weeks’ time, I had the two clients just like I wanted. 

I wasn't tracking my emails. I wasn't attached to the engagement. I didn't care about the comments to see if someone mentioned that they wanted to work with me. I couldn't care less about how many messages I received or whether someone asked about my program. I was doing what I was put on this planet to do and I was having a ton of fun with it. And in the end, selling my program was easy because it was the service by which I could change the world (not make money as the primary goal)

And it sold via Facebook messenger both clients paid me $7K without a question!

And I felt elated that it happen but it also felt normal! Because I chose for it to happen and knew that it would because I was destined for success regardless of whether the clients were coming or not!

I separated from needing them and attached to knowing that I already HAD them because I was already WORTHY of the success and the clients in the moment already! As I was! As I am!

And that’s as easy as it gets!

It's as easy as you make it!

You are worth it

And you are worth it right now!




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