I’m Sade. A business and empowerment coach for premium female entrepreneurs that are looking to impact the world with powerful businesses that are fully aligned with who they are!! Beautiful. Powerful and Desirable!

Your business is a full reflection of you and should be run in the most fun way possible! Making money and doing things that you love and that light you up deep within your core!!!

No settling! No compromise! You’re all in and you ALWAYS get results because of it!

By doing the same, I scaled to multiple 5-figures months just FOUR months after starting my business!

Once upon a time…

(January of this year), I started my business running a very basic and very vanilla coaching 12-step coaching program (turn your passion into profit!!! You’ve seen plenty of those, right?)

I had vanilla brand photos trying to looking “sweet” and “professional” when really I’m sassy and sarcastic AF at all times with a hint of playfulness courtesy of my Disney and Universal Studios obsession!

My marketing was very vanilla with basic Facebook ads that I thought I needed to grow my influence and sign clients, and generic “inspirational” posts that didn’t really sell my programs at all but I thought would get people to “like” me.

My IG feed was incredibly basic (looked just like everyone else’s), saying the same vanilla shit as everyone else online.

I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and an even smaller belief that I would be able to do it on my own. So I invested in all of the courses and did all of the strategies and tried to find all of the “secrets” that would help me to build a successful 6-figure business.

But all I found were people that provided little value and barely fed the hunger and drive in my soul that TOLD me that I had a soul mission and soul work that I NEEDED to share with the world.

And even after working 9 hours a day as a full-time attorney and 10+ hours A DAY on my business, I only signed one client at $3K

But in April…

I became incredibly frustrated with everything (including myself) and blew allllllll of that shit up after I realized that I was being fake and I hated the woman that I was being online (aka NOT ME!) I didn’t recognize the woman that I saw online!!

I felt like I was stuck in a box and doing nothing but blending in by trying to implement everyone else’s strategies and way of things instead of trusting myself and following my own heart

I was settling by telling myself that I couldn’t make it as an entrepreneur and by telling myself that the only way that I could was if I turned into someone else entirely!

Plus I had a business that felt like a second job that wasn’t paying me much of anything no matter how much work I put in.

So…I got rid of all of my unaligned offers that I only offered because I thought it was what other people wanted.

I started showing my real personality, dropping my normal F-bombs in my livestreams and posts, used selfies instead and signed two clients in two weeks $14K plus sold out my Voxer program in 2 weeks!!!!

And I did all of this in the most aligned and fun way possible with the full confidence of knowing that everything that I do is absolutely working for me because it’s coming FROM me!

My content became magnetic! My livestreams became fiery as fuck! I made so many friends online that are like soul sisters! And my clients are practically my best friends! Plus the constant money flow (5-figure months and counting!) is pretty nice too and the easiest thing I’ve ever done!

And now I teach other women how to do the same!