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"Make a life you're obsessed with."

I'm a business development strategist and branding coach that helps hardworking women like you say goodbye to that tiresome life, leverage what you know, and turn your passions and experience into a powerful business that will create that freedom you desire.

Hey, gorgeous!

I'm Sade, a female entrepreneur that is insanely passionate about helping you find your passions and turn them into an irresistible business of your dreams!

I'm here to empower female millenials that are ready to leave the monotony of their 9 to 5 and step into the life of their dreams with the freedom to do whatever they want. I show you exactly how to defeat the overwhelm, turn your idea into a business and how to create a stand out brand with loyal clients lining up to spend their money on you!

My job is to help you to stand out. You are unique, because you are YOU. And there is no one else out there like you. But sometimes we can't always figure out what makes us unique and special. My job is to help you find that very special quality, mold it with your biggest passion, and turn it into a business that you can be proud of!

I may sound very sure of myself now...

But I wasn't always so clear on what I wanted to do in life.

I grew up believing that I wanted to work in Corporate America my entire life. I thought... "That's where the money is. That's how I become successful." I wanted to become someone that family could be proud of. I wanted to be someone that gives back to other people by helping them with their problems.

So, I became a lawyer!

I studied hard and was the perfect student, earning a full scholarship to law school. But then one day before my second year of law school, my mother passed away. You can't imagine the heartbreak I felt. Losing someone so pivotal like that takes a major toll on a person and changes their perspective on life. Fearing the emotional pain, I stuck my head into my books and didn't come up to breathe until it was time for me to walk across that stage and graduate.

And I did!

A few months later, I landed my first job at a law firm. Although the paycheck was nice at first, being an adult soon hit me hard. Bills, student loans, rent, and the endless cycle of waking up every morning just to go to a 9 to 7 job that did not fulfill me the way I thought it would.

I was stuck and needed to make a change!

but i had a huge problem!

  • I had no idea where to start
  • No clue what I wanted my business to be about
  • Didn't want to take the chance of failing
  • And I had a crazy fear that no one would even listen to me or care what I had to say

i don't believe in excuses

Being a lawyer has helped me to realize how much I love coaching people, giving them advice, and watching it help them for the better!! So I started a blog with the only goal of using it to help inspire others. Even with that passion, I struggled for a long time. Until one day I sat down with myself and had a no bullsh*t session. Minutes later, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my business. That feeling of clarity and excitement for the future helped me to realize what type of business I wanted to create.

I Would Have Never Thought I Would Be An Entrepreneur

Five years ago, if you would have asked me if I'd become an entrepreneur, I would have looked at you like you have two heads! But here I am, working hard, but doing something that I completely love!!!!

Okay, so you know all about me now!

What about you? What's your story? What are your goals and struggles?

Let me know!


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