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The most epic challenge that will get you to be THE REAL VERSION of yourself that’s an easy client and money magnet if you commit, do the work, and take massive fucking leaps!

I’ve had this idea sitting on my heart for a few weeks now and I’m finally bringing it to you!!!

All you need is yourself and the willingness to have your mind blown with just how powerful you really are!

Just a few months ago….


I was just like you. I wanted the client sooooo badly and was ON. THE. HUNT!

I showed up online every single day.

I wrote the posts sharing my story and inspiring my people.

I had the photos that made me look “worthy” of investing in.

I had my own Facebook group and was active in a ton of other groups.

But no matter how hard I tried and hours I spent, I was just was not signing the clients!

Until I figured out one thing….

The clients were not showing up for me because I wasn’t showing up for them! At least not the way that I needed to for them to really notice me!

Clients and money are both the same in that they are attracted to you when you are showing up in the right energy and frequency to receive them!

That means having the belief in yourself, the knowing that you can receive what you want, the confidence to put yourself out there, and the understanding of how to do it so that you get what you want in the easiest and most fun way possible!


With a small Facebook group of only 300 people, no email list, no Facebook ads, no funnels.

Nothing you THINK you need to get them!

I just had the right strategy of livestreams and posts every single day (which may be different for you! And you’ll figure that out in this program!)

I had my Facebook group and knew how to grow it with the right people!

The right client attraction mechanism fit for my business!

The knowledge of what I needed to write, how and when!

A deep knowledge of my soulmate client so I knew how to make myself the solution to their problems

And a coach that was behind me every step of the way to push me to do the things that scared the shit out of me! To raise my prices on my programs and sell them! And to know that they will sell out!

I showed up every single day with this new understanding of how I was SUPPOSED to be seen and the frequency I was supposed to vibrate at PLUS the knowledge of how to write my posts and do my livestreams so that I ONLY attracted the soul people that were ready to pay…

And in TWO weeks, I signed up two soulmate clients into my private program


Which means it’s possible for you. And all you need is what I’m going to teach you in this challenge (which I’m doing with you by the way!! Ain’t that fun?!)

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The point of this challenge is not to teach you how to make $14K in weeks! But to challenge you to step into the mindset and the role of the woman that does! With the positioning and content to match!

>> I’m pushing you to transform your mindset around yourself, your business, and money!

>> I’m pushing you to transform into the authority and woman who signs high ticket clients easily!

>> I’m showing you how I transformed my content to finally attract the clients that said “HELL YES!”

>> And How I simplified and amplified my marketing

It’s not about the money! It’s about you! It’s about the mindset you have, the confidence you possess, and how you own your message! Then transform your messaging, positioning, and marketing to finally match that REAL you! The version of you that makes the sales EASILY and OWNS. HER. SHIT!

14 days of fun and mind-blowing work that will get you to push yourself beyond your limits with the sweetest and most beautiful result possible!

If you want someone to tell you to meditate and “act as if…” and wait for the Universe to provide, this challenge is NOT for you! We’re committing and we’re doing the work that you MUST DO if you want to create and maintain a sustainable and consistently successful business!


>> Private Facebook group just for the challenge where I will be active every single day providing you with tons of value and trainings. A place where you can post you struggles, breakthroughs, and WINS (there will be a lot of those if you do the work!)

>> DAILY trainings (either audio trainings, livestreams, or journal prompts to push you!)

>> Content writing trainings (I’m known for my writing! So I’ll be teaching you how YOU can transform your own writing to attract your soul people and sell out programs!)

>> Mindset trainings because without this, nothing will work!

>> My personal journal prompts and mindset work that I used to make $14K in just two weeks!

>> Plus whatever the hell else I decide to throw in there for you to get you where you want to be by the end of the challenge!!!!

Your expected commitment and investment?


Wondering why this challenge isn’t free?

Because I need you to commit. Not to me, but to yourself. I need you to finally realize the importance of taking a leap of faith in yourself (which you’ve been struggling with and why you’ve landed on this page)!

That this is totally possible for you but only if you put up, shut up, and prove to yourself that you CAN do this!

That only happens when you make it non-negotiable and tell yourself that you MUST win!

If you can’t commit just $197 to make $14k, then how do you expect to make the repeated commitments you’ll have to make and overcome the obstacles you’ll need to overcome in order to make your business strong, lasting, and successful?

Answer: You won’t!


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>> Do I need to be a coach to join this challenge?

No! You can be any online service-based entrepreneur! A coach, brand strategist, social media strategist, virtual assistant, etc. If you market your business using social media as your main source, then this will work for you!

>> What if I haven’t started my business yet?

Then start it! What are you waiting for?! This challenge will not work for you if you haven’t started your business yet, don’t know who you want to market to, and don’t have an idea of the services you want to market. You MUST have that in place for this challenge to really work.

>> Will this work if I don’t have an audience or Facebook group?

Yep! You can market to whomever is in your area to market to! Your friends on social media, posting on your personal page, etc. But I WILL definitely push you in this challenge to create a place of your own online where people can really binge on your content and see you as the authority!

>> Why isn’t this challenge free?

Scroll up and get your answer! Plus, if you have to ask why you need to make a very small commitment to learn how to make a lot of money, then…..I just don’t know what to tell you! *shrugs*

>> Can I actually make $14K in two weeks?

Of course you can!! It’s totally possible for you, but only if you believe it is and if you commit to doing the work to make it happen!!! But this challenge is about MORE than that. It’s about getting you to be the true version of yourself that is an easy client and money magnet! She lights up the online space and makes sales super easy! As long as you are connected to that goal, fully believe in it, and set the intention to do the work, you can definitely make the money that you want!


Don’t believe me? Here what Tiffany Gnaly had to say about our amazing work together!!!!! Results like woah!!!